About Us

Welcome to Kharayo Bakes

We believe in authenticity and to give our customers the best gourmet experience with our delicious deserts.

What started as a simple idea turned in amazing collection of bakery products.

We value our customer more than anything and using highly ingredients are an absolute necessity for us. QUALITY OVER ANYTHING.

Our Founders

Priyanka Pradhan and Sayuj Lal Shrestha

"Kharayo Bakes is a bakery brand that delivers the best quality products using a very standard ingredients without compromising the health and hygiene."

"We started small and we value the power it holds, we will always remember our roots and always give our best no matter what, It is important we must be genuine to our customers by using the top standard products and give them a reason to smile."

"Nothing in this world matters to us more than our customers satisfaction and to ensure that we will always give our best and stay creative to put a smile on the customers face."


Kharayo Bakes is an online based bakery who delivers authentic gourmet brownies and many more products at your doorstep.

We serve Gourmet Brownies, Truffles, Bites and newly launched Energy Bars.

We have different toppings which boost the scrumptious and fudgy taste of brownies. From nutella strawberry, mixed nuts, Oreo to tangy fruits such as kiwi, orange and more. We bring new toppings all the time.

We are here to celebrate with you and believe we can be a very important part of your happiness.

Kharayo Bakes - A box full of happiness